About Us
Mike Levee was raised in Freeport, Texas, and grew up in a very active hunting family and was always interested in taxidermy.   He apprenticed with many great taxidermist for several years and finally opened his first business in Brenham, Texas.

A few years later the decision was made to move his family and business to College Station, Texas.  Mike then reopened a larger taxidermy business next to the A&M Campus.
In the 1980's the oil business went bust and Mike and Dana made the choice to close their doors and move
to Austin, Texas.   Mike went to work as a Construction Manager and continued his taxidermy business from home, where both of his son's began to help him at a very young age.  As the economy picked up, he once again opened his taxidermy business in Anderson Mill, north of Austin.  His dream was to one day move his business to Freer, Texas, where he grew up hunting as a boy.

In 1994 Mike and son, Shane, went to Freer, Texas, and opened a small drop station for the hunting season.  He began serving many of his customers from Austin, as well as many new one's.  Shane began working with him, skinning, quartering the animals and preparing the hides and horns for mounting.  Customers kept asking for more items such as deer corn, feeder parts, etc..  Mike's wife, Dana, and son James made the move to Freer in 1997.  They lived in the back part of the current location for a few years while growing there business.

In 2000, the Levee's incorporated their business as Freer Deer Camp & Sportsman Taxidermy, Inc..  The business has become known as Freer Deer Camp. 

Freer Deer Camp became the first hunting business to offer taxidermy, processing, storage, feed and a full line of hunting supplies under one establishment.  We were proud to be "The One Stop Shop for the South Texas Hunter".   We are a Double Down Dealer, carry Chippewa Boots, Game Guard Camo, Pure Mesquite Camo, Bushlan Blinds and Krivoman Blinds.

Our Deer Contest, the "Venado Macho" is in it's 27th year and fully supports our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, Wounded Hero's of America.  All entries, donations and Sponsorship's to Venado Macho are 100% Tax Deductible and goes to our Non-Profit "Wounded Heros of America", who supports Wounded Hero Veterans and First Responders.  

Each year Wounded Veterans (Hero's) are helped thru Wounded Heros of America with immediate needs they may have.    

Monies are raised each year through Entry Fees, Raffles, Silent and Live Auctions at the Venado Macho Banquet and of course thru Sponsorships.  Our Contest is all about the Hunter and giving back to a Hero in need, of course the winners of the Contest are awarded their prizes at our Spring Banquet each year. 

Taxidermy is still our "Main Business" and every animal is treated as if it was our own.  We take pride in the quality of our work making sure each one looks as if it were alive.  Our motto is: 
          "Quality of the Product Will Outlast the Cost" 

Stop in to visit sometime, but beware --- the Animals are always watching you.

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    Shane Smith - Taxidermist/Manager
​                      & Remi
        Dana "Mama" Levee - Owner & Magnum
   Mike Levee & James Levee

        Princess Pepper
Her Highness - Ms. Zoie
              Prissy & Cat Munchkin
MAGNUM - Won't be seen anymore 
at the store as he passed away in 
2022 at 14 years of age.